Welcome to our website. Feel free to contact us here by using the contact formular, the chat, the guestbook and also our forums, the latter allowing you to talk about every franchise which involves audiovisual media. This website is used as a hub for all communities run by MoviezWorldwide on Wikia, Google+, Facebook, DeviantArt, external forums and all other associated accounts on several other social networks. If there is something new, one of the best places to find out about is here.

About us

We are a German-based label specializing in promoting anime communities but also expanding into the fanbase of non-anime movies. We are going to heavily expand our services over the next years.



Our roots can be traced back to the year 2007 when a later member of MoviezWorldwide started uploading anime to YouTube and had a huge success with that. Already then there was the desire to build large communities about anime and other movies and structures came into being which would later lead to the official formation of MoviezWorldwide. Over the years the bonds between those YouTubers grew more and more and they helped each other out. In October 2011 the original uploader started uploading Cross Fight B-Daman and became even more successful than he originally was also thanks to the help of his YouTube friends who have supported him ever since. In December 2012, at the height of the success with his new account he created the label then known as Anime Movement. In July 2013 the Tenkai Knights Wiki was founded the first major wiki project and became also very successful despite only lasting for one season. The years 2015 and 2016 were overshadowed by a lot of crises such as questionable behaviour by Wikia staff members, which ultimately led to a split of the original group and to the suicide of one member. However in October 2015 a rebrand was decided and MoviezWorldwide started looking for new staff members who are also more Wikia-savvy than the original members. During the year 2016 MoviezWorldwide made efforts to centralize their network and also made sure that their communities became more independent from themselves. This trend will continue in the future.