The MoviezWorldwide team consists of three members and one president. They are as follows:

  • Connor (also known as CyberWarrior16900), Connor is the youngest member of MoviezWorldwide and helps out with things such as collecting dubs.
  • Caro (also known as Moonlight12997), Caro is another member of MoviezWorldwide. She often helps with statistics and oversees the communities.
  • Nico (also known as Moviejunkie2009), Nico is the current team leader of MoviezWorldwide and thus the right-hand-man of the president. He is in charge of the day-to-day operations of MoviezWorldwide, as the president is too busy in real life to manage them.
  • Niklas (also known as Guren Nash), Niklas is the president and creator of the MoviezWorldwide label. As he is very busy in his real life he leaves most of the day-to-day operations to his staff members.